Online meeting with the French Ambassador Zacharie Gross

Online meeting with the French Ambassador Zacharie Gross

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On February 10, 2021, the Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a meeting for representatives of member companies with the participation of French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Zacharie Gross and Board members. Chair of the Chamber Teyba Guliyeva and Board members Yusif Abdullayev and Elshan Zeynalov spoke at the meeting.

Zibar Huseynova, AFchamber Managing Director greeted the guests and informed the participants about the agenda of the meeting.

Mr. Zacharie Gross spoke about bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and France. Touching upon the issues of economic diversification and the importance of sustainable development, he stressed the success of reforms for the development of the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan, which has a positive impact on economic relations between Azerbaijan and France. He noted that Azerbaijan and France closely cooperate in order to implement innovative strategies and achieve sustainable development.

Speaking about the Nagorno-Karabakh war, the Ambassador noted the importance of the November 9 ceasefire statement in terms of ensuring peace and security in the region, the importance of establishing a dialogue between the two countries, and the future development of the region. He noted that France is interested in expanding cooperation with Azerbaijan, as well as the visit of the French Foreign Ministry to the country, the holding of high-level meetings is an indication of the continuing high-level cooperation between the two countries.

Teyba Guliyeva, Chair of AFchamber briefed guests on the activities of the Chamber, close cooperation with local, French, and international companies, and the work done to establish a public-private partnership. She said the Chamber is trying to contribute to strengthening economic ties between Azerbaijan and the EU.

Yusif Abdullayev, the Acting President of AZPROMO, a member of the Board, spoke about the close cooperation between the two countries and the active role of the Chamber in strengthening cooperation in the field of business. He said more than 70 French companies operate in industry, energy and other fields. Yusif Abdullayev spoke about “Azerbaijan 2030: National Priorities for Socio-Economic Development” and said that these priorities will define new areas of bilateral cooperation.

Elshan Zeynalov, a member of the Board, said that Alstom will participate in projects to mobilize railways in the country, build infrastructure in the liberated territories, create a railway corridor between Azerbaijan and Armenia. These projects are important for the country and the region.

At the meeting, representatives of the new member French company IDEMIA and local company Meeting Point informed the participants about their companies and activities.

In the end, Zibar Huseynova informed the member companies about the next action plan of the Chamber, the activities of the Committees and presented the new logo of the Chamber to the participants.

The meeting was followed by a Q&A session.

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