The Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AFchamber) is a non-governmental organization, non-profit organization united on the basis of common interests, established on a permanent basis in accordance with principles of volunteering and equality among its members and operating throughout the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
We, members of the AFchamber take responsibility to follow the values and principles stated below as a part of our membership.

We shall obey the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and all other countries in which we have business transactions, including the labor rights of our employees. We shall respect high standards of human and social rights, and work honestly and with integrity refraining from corrupt practices in all cases. We should never knowingly aid any third party in violating any law.

Fair competition
We shall compete fairly and ethically in all business transactions recognizing that free and fair competition is crucial for a well-functioning market economy. We shall respect intellectual property rights and trademarks.

Every member shall be treated with respect and dignity. We shall refrain from practicing any form of discrimination whatsoever with regard to other AFchamber members, its staff, and the general public. We shall ensure a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace for our employees by creating a positive environment free of harassment, bullying and other forms of discrimination.

Safety and Security
We shall ensure the safety and security of every employee by following procedures stipulated in the law and based on best practices.

Personal Data Protection
We shall protect personal information responsibly and in accordance with the legal requirements by handling personal data use for legitimate business purposes and not sharing information.

We shall strive to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment through the more responsible use of natural resources, recycling, reduction of waste, and other best practices.

AFchamber Representation
We shall not use the name, reputation, or assets of the AFchamber for advancing political or religious interests. We shall not speak on behalf of the AFchamber without a prior and an explicit mandate from the Management Board, General Meeting, or other bodies of the AFchamber with the relevant authority.