CCIAF offers sponsorship opportunities to enhance your Company’s exposure, promote your brand and showcase your products or services to the audience consisting of local and international business owners.

CCIAF organizes monthly business meetings, seminars, workshops, and receptions for our members as well as bringing together leaders of public and private sectors to address issues impacting business community. Sponsoring these events provides you with a platform to advertise your Company through our various marketing channels, expand your networking capacity and build business relationships with other entrepreneurs.

There are two types of sponsorship opportunities: Annual and Event Sponsorship. Depending on the package you choose, Sponsorship offers different benefits for your business.

Annual sponsorship

  1. Company logo on the sponsorship page of the CCIAF website
  2. Company logo in the invitation e-mails.
  3. Company logo on the welcome screen of monthly events
  4. Opportunity to invite 2 guests to all monthly events
  5. A brief introductory speech at 3 monthly events
  6. Acknowledgement of Company in welcome speeches of all monthly events
  7. Placement of Company roll-up
  8. Placement of promotional materials on registration desk of all monthly events
  9. Sponsor table at monthly event and opportunity to display any marketing materials
  10. Company logo in CCIAF monthly newsletter
  11. Posting Company news on social media platforms each month
  12. Company presentation in one monthly event

Event sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities




A brief introductory speech

Acknowledgement of Company in welcome speech
Sponsor table at the event

Placement of Company roll-up

Placement of promotional materials on the registration desk

Opportunity to invite 3 guests

(2 guests)

(1 guest)

Company name mentioned in all media advertising

Company name mentioned on the news of the CCIAF website
Company logo on the e-mail invitation

Company logo on the welcome screen
Exclusive sponsorship (being only one sponsor of the event)

For detailed information, please contact the Chamber on [email protected].