Policy Memo on “Bridging the Pedagogical and Employment Gap in Azerbaijan”.

Policy Memo on “Bridging the Pedagogical and Employment Gap in Azerbaijan”.

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AFchamber Human Resources and Labour Regulation and Education Committees and the Institute for Development and Diplomacy at ADA University present the policy memo on “Bridging the Pedagogical and Employment Gap in Azerbaijan” to identify why higher education and the corporate sector need to find common ground.  The policy memo results from a roundtable discussion event that was held in April 2022.

You can download the policy memo here.

The discussion focused on challenges related to overcoming existing gaps between the needs of the corporate sector and current pedagogical capacities in higher education. This related specifically to issues like research topics and methodologies, preparation of young cadres, vocational education, organization of international projects, and support for innovation.

The roundtable discussion was preceded by keynote addresses from the Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan and the Chairman of the State Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan. In addition, senior members of the Education and Human Resources and Labor Regulation Working Committees of the Azerbaijan France Chamber of Commerce presented the results of a survey conducted among universities and companies on the aforementioned cluster of issues.

After a description of the mentioned problem, the major discussion points and recommendations are illustrated in the policy memo.

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