Women Professional Committee webinar with AMSEA

Women Professional Committee webinar with AMSEA

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AFchamber Women Professional Committee held a webinar in cooperation with Azerbaijan Medical Simulation Education Association (AMSEA). Gulay Mammadzade and Nargiz Mustafayeva, psychologists at AMSEA are the webinar speakers.

Gulay Mammadzade spoke on the topic of “Psychological resilience in the post- Covid era: main challenges for women leaders”. She talked about the main challenges that made individuals stressed, the effects of stress, and stress reactions. She also informed guests about real-time resilience, the main characteristics of optimism. Ms. Mammadzade shared techniques on how to change the style of thinking and manage catastrophizing.

Nargiz Mustafayeva talked about “Burnout: symptoms and prevention”. She presented stress symptoms through cases and briefed participants about causes of burnout, burnout signals. Ms. Mustafayeva explained tips and techniques to prevent burnout and shared apps used for psychological health.

The interactive webinar was followed by the Q&A session.

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